Life No Sulfites Added

2016 Pinot Noir Life No Sulfites Added


Vineyard Sources: Johnson School, Meadowlark
Case Production: 300
Technical Specs:
Alc.: 13.7%
T.A.: 0.67 g/100ml
pH  : 3.58
R.S.: 0 g/100ml

Our No sulfite added, organic Pinot Noir. Blueberries, cola and hint coffee beans. Supple and round tannins carries the weight in depth with a soft tone of smoked blackberries. A pure expression of our terroir.

NO SULFITE ADDED. Total SO2 > 10 ppm (if any SO2 are formed, it will be by a natural yeast production).

Wine History:

Harvest date: 09/10/2016

Average Brix @ harvest: 24

Number of Vineyard sites: 2

Soil : Loess

Number of Blocks: 2

Number of Sub-Blocks: 4

Average tons/acre: 2.5

Fermentation Vessel: 1.5 tons fermenters

Barrel Regime: 0% New Oak, 40% two year old oak, 60% neutral

Native yeast/bacterias

No fining, one racking, no additions

For the past several years Gilles has been working on replacing the role of S02 additions by naturally increasing the level of antioxidants that occur naturally in the grapes. The natural antioxidants essentially become the preservative in the wine and makes the reliance on sulfite additions obsolete. Recent analysis have demonstrated the higher level of antioxidants in our current NSA. Gilles believes this is promising for the future of modern winemaking and his ability to create wines that express Cooper Mountain’s terroir.