Organically Grown

At Cooper Mountain all of our wines are organically grown.

The term “organically grown” refers both to an organic vineyard program as well as to an organic cellar program. We invite you to read below regarding both of our programs in practice.

Organic Vineyard Program

Conventional viticulture relies on man-made chemicals for fertilization as well as for weed and pest control. Organic vineyard programs are prohibited from using synthetic substances.

Organic Cellar Program

Just like our vineyards, the winery is certified by Stellar.  This means in the cellar the following practices are controlled annually by the USDA:

-No “Genetically Modified Organisms” products
-Total sulfites at bottling cannot exceed 100ppm’s (50 % less than conventional wines)
-Any additional ingredients such as “sugar” have to be certified organic
-All products used for cleaning inside the winery cannot be harmful to humans
-Products like Iodine and Chlorine are strictly prohibited
-Any yeast nutrients (used during the fermentation) must contain ONLY organic nitrogen
-Processing aids used and even stored in the winery must be listed in the National Organic Product list
click here for NOP list
-We encourage our customers to inform themselves about organic standards and labeling
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