Biodynamic Grapes

Vineyard Practices
In practice, Biodynamic® farming is performed by the use of preparations.
The preparations should not be seen as a substance, but as a force.

The basic roles of these preparations are:
-To release the energy to the soil and the plant
-To make a bridge between the forces and the soil
-To balance the whole farm by creating a healthier environment

What are the preparations?
We use nine preparations. The BD #500 and #501 are sprayed separately.
The BD 502-507 are mixed together at the time of the compost preparation.

-BD #500: Horn Manure: Stimulates root growth and humus formation.
Usually sprayed at the beginning of spring.
-BD # 501: Horn Silica: Stimulates and regulates leaf growth. Sprayed in growing season just before or at bloom.
-BD # 502:Yarrow: Permits plants to attract trace elements in extremely dilute quantities.
-BD # 503: Chamomile: Stabilizes Nitrogen within the compost and increases soil life.
-BD # 504: Nettle: Stimulates soil health, providing plants with the individual nutritional components needed. Enlivens the earth (soil).
-BD #505: Oak Bark: Provides healing forces in order to combat disease.
-BD #506: Dandelion: Stimulates the relation between Silica (Si) and Potassium (K) so that Silica can attract cosmic forces to the soil.
-BD # 507: Valerian: Stimulates compost so that phosphorus components can be fully used by the soil.
-BD # 508: Horsetail: Prevention or control of disease.