At Cooper Mountain we have been adhering to biodynamic® practices since the mid 1990’s. In 1999 we received our certification from Demeter and today all of our
wines are made from biodynamic grapes.

Biodynamic farming involves the use of the organic concept but with the important notion that there is the need to go beyond solely the chemical and biological point of view. Biodynamic practitioners treat their farms as unified and individual organisms, emphasizing the interrelationship of the soil, plants and animals and seeing them ideally as self-nourishing systems.  Additionally, Biodynamic farming involves the use of forces. We all know that the moon has an effect on the force of gravity. If the moon plays this role, it becomes logical that the solar system plays a role as well. In addition, the earth via magnetism must be considered a force and therefore shall be included in the farming practice. In summary, some Biodynamic practices involve:

Astronomy: Position of the planets plays a role in the time of
preparation, spray, pruning, harvest, etc
Homeopathy: Dilution of preparations; use of energy in basic substances
Geology: Magnetism acknowledgement